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1. Panoramic; for me the panoramic camera is the best choice, it is the only camera that can capture an image in a single frame without stitching. Most panoramic photographs these days are stitched. The only problem with stitching is that they don’t always line up. Especially if you are taking shots with a long shutter speed (as is with most of my photos). This means that you need to copy and paste sections of the photo to fill in the gaps. I don’t believe this portrays the true image seen through the camera, and there for would not be the same if you were looking at the same view with your own eyes. To me my panoramic camera gives me a true image of the scene in front of me.



2. Film; film to me is one of the best formats to use; I love the surprise of not knowing how your photo is going to look until you get the film developed. I use Fuji Velvia Medium format film because it gives the best colour and detail that I have ever seen produced by any camera. It allows me to produce stunning images that can be blown up to a massive size covering your largest walls. This is only possible through film as it produces quality that is many times greater than a top 35mm digital camera. It is because the image size caught in the camera is much larger (6x17cm).



3. Paper; all my prints are printed on Chromajet Metallic Pearl which is a museum grade fine art paper. This paper is a reproduction of the printing papers that were used in the early days when processing was done in a darkroom. Except these new papers do not harbour any of the harmful chemicals that were used in the old printing paper. I choose this paper because not only am I shooting film I want to keep these images as original as possible to how they would have been made many years ago.


4. Printing; all of my images are printed using Epson inkjet printers. These Printers use high quality K3 inks which combined with archival printing paper will produce crystal clear images showing all the shadow tones and detail. The life expectancy of these prints is also very high and under the right conditions you could expect up to a century and more.



5. No Photoshop; Nothing is added or taken out of my photographs. I believe that people should be able to go to these places and see the same thing with their own eyes, not something that is so over the top with added colours or large man-made objects that are removed. The film is first scanned then checked over to remove dust spots, then the colours that are already in the photos are enhanced back to how they were seen or caught on film, (no colours are added) This process is done because when you scan the film a lot of the colour saturation is left behind when it transfers to a digital file. So the end result is a dust free original image that looks the same as how it did when it was captured.



6. Only the best images; as a photographer you find yourself taking a lot of photos from all over the country. These photos are carefully sorted through so that only the best will be used for production. This is a fine arts business which produces smaller amounts of high quality work. You will not find these images in any large stores selling in bulk amounts. These are all unique prints only purchased through me at markets or on my website or in some gallery’s that I have chosen to display and sell my images in.



7. Authenticity; when you purchase one of my fine art prints you will also receive an Authenticity certificate. This certificate is proof that you have purchased an original Shane Cullen fine art panoramic photograph; this should be kept along with your image so if you wish to sell your image later you can.


8. Investment; it is a way of life that prices rise regularly. Not only do material costs go up, with art; the artist’s reputation goes up, and with that so does the price. When you purchase one of the images you can be certain that over time the piece that you own will become a good investment for the future.



9. Quality; when I source materials for my work I use only the highest quality materials around. Not only does this make my images stand out above the rest it gives them that unique touch that only the artist can give to an image. It also protects them in the best way possible by using the highest grade archival material around.



10. The artist; all images come hand signed by the artist, using quality archival ink pens making these images truly unique. All artists are born with a gift. I am happy to be able to share my gift with all of you.

Shane Cullen Photographer Kalgoorlie Western Australia

10 Unique Artist Points

Shane Cullen Photographer Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Shane Cullen copyright 2013.

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